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Tada Ichidodake no Eien by Watari Naomi

Tada Ichidodake no Eien by Watari NaomiDescription: None
AKA Tadaichidodake no Eien, Tada Ichido Dake no Eien

Chapter 1 Under the Moon I Gather the One (First part)
1a(Pg 001-016)Download links at aarinfantasy
1b(Pg 017-032)Download links at aarinfantasy
Chapter 3 If I Can Have Love
3a: If I Can Have Love(Pg 061-069)Download links at aarinfantasy
3b: The Whereabouts of My Love(Pg 070-076)Download links at aarinfantasy
3c: Ai ha Kagerou(Pg 077-084)Download links at aarinfantasy
Chapter 4 Dungeon(Pg 085-116)Not released
Chapter 5 End of a Heartbeat(Pg 117-148)Not released
Chapter 6 Golden Month(Pg 149-174)Download links at aarinfantasy
Atogaki(Pg 175-178)Not released

Note: What an utter mess trying to figure out what's what when it comes to chapters (or sometimes called parts) released. "Golden Month" is sometimes labeled chapter 3 (ch03_ai_ha_kagerou), chapter 6, and I believe on CT's site is considered chapter 5 (or is that part 5?). Or, CT considers it "chapter 3 (same as p05 in AD)".

And then chapter 3 filenames don't seem to be labeled 3a,b,c. I've found them labeled c01,c02,c03, all with different chapter names (I'm assuming for each part of that chapter, because we no how much sense it makes to label each 10pg part of a chapter a separate title, otherwise the readers might get totally confused.). And look at this fun: one of the chapter 6 files I found was named ch03_ai_ha_kagerouchapter, which of course is not to be confused with the actual chapter 3c Ai ha Kagerou, right?

That's not even considering chapters 1 and 2, which look like they're sometimes treated as one chapter consisting of two parts (which would explain why "Golden Month" is sometimes considered chapter 3, since it was the third "chapter" released, but I think that's just kind of retarded), with chapter one actually having 2 parts itself. So... is that sub-part 1 & 2 of part 1? (My brain exploded about here.)

Anyway, I've tried to sort these out as I believe they're meant to be (also going by page numbers). I'm gonna rename the fucking filenames, too, just because this shit took up too much of my time figuring out, and if any douchebags don't like it, they can bite my anus.

Oh yeah, I need to add this in case there's any confusion. My singularly frustrating experience downloading (which I think still sucked ass) this series is not a reflection of the quality of the work the scanlating groups do (or Revie^^, who rocks and is funny as hell). And, dude, Natsuuya, as intriguing as the offer of sucking your dick is, you would totally knock out several of my teeth if I tried.

Have you thanked your scanlator today? Give a shout out to Countless Time for their hard work bringing you this release!
Tags: -creator: watari naomi, [atlantisdream], [countless time], tada ichidodake no eien
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