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Destinies Cross by Azumi Moka

Destinies Cross by Azumi MokaDescription by Gundam Wing Universe: Sawano Kazune is a talented young singer who started his carrier with an amateur band named Keel. When Kazune is pursued by a music producer who offers a contract with a new professional band, he at first refuses. But when the young man realizes that he has fallen in love with Sakyou, Keel’s guitarist and song writer, he panics. Afraid that Sakyou might be repulsed if he found out about Kazune’s feelings toward him, Sawano signs the contract with the new band.

Will Kazune ever get a chance to tell Sakyou that he loves him, or will Sakyou hate him now for abandoning Keel and his friends.

Volume 1
Chapter 1-4: Download at NoDeadline's LJ

Volume 2
Chapter 1a-2a: Download at NoDeadline's LJ
Chapter 2b: Download at NoDeadline's LJ or http://www.sendspace.com/file/73200n

Have you thanked your scanlator today? Give a shout out to nodeadline for their hard work bringing you this release!
Tags: -creator: azumi moka, [nodeadline], destinies cross

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