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Inner Desire of 19 Guys by SUTEI Tasuko

Inner Desire of 19 Guys by SUTEI TasukoDescription from Baka-Updates: An injured shoulder puts an end to Olympic hopeful Ryuji Hashida's promising swimming career. He transfers to a univeristy where no one knows who he is to escape his past, but Naomi recognizes him the moment they meet. When you're young and ambitious is there still a place left for love?

Longing oneshot - Sakaki has always watched Ryoji from afar, but maybe Ryoji has been watching him too!

Chapter 1a: http://www.loveless-melody.com/b2/main-downloads.php
Chapter 1b: http://www.loveless-melody.com/b2/main-downloads.php
Chapter 2: http://www.loveless-melody.com/b2/main-downloads.php
Longing (oneshot): http://www.sendspace.com/file/i4hp6f

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Tags: -creator: sutei tasuko, [loveless], inner desire of 19 guys
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