whey (whey) wrote,

Alluring Sentiment by NAONO Bohra

Alluring Sentiment by NAONO BohraDescription from Baka-Updates: Tsukihara, vice-principle of a highschool, is having an issue going about doing his everyday job. That issue being, Subaru Hoshino, an A+ student, and vice-president of the student council. -A ''good'' boy. At least, when in the prescence of his teachers, and fellow classmates.

But good ole' Hoshino has a rather naughty, and posessive side that only Tsukihara knows.

Hoshino, on a daily basis, has been harshly violating the confused and hurt Tsukihara. For reasons none other than to fulfill his own sexual agenda. Or does Hoshino actually have another reason behind demanding his vice-principle to spread his legs? Is Tsukihara wrong in thinking that his student hates him?

What will be the result of this dangerous 'one-sided relationship'?

Oneshot: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5qn7aj

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Tags: -creator: naono bohra, [countless time], alluring sentiment
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