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Anta baka?
You could be watching porn...
The Hinanomori by KIRISHIMA Tamaki 
15th-Dec-2007 12:00 pm
The Hinanomori by KIRISHIMA TamakiDescription from Baka-Updates: Dingi, the prince of an exotic middle eastern land, has always been fascinated with the Japanese culture,due to his father's obsession. as a prince, he has a obligation to marry at the age of 20, however, the year before that is devoted to pleasure with whomever Dingi wants. thus, it seems only natural that Dingi would go to japan to find himself the perfect lover. however, when he arrives, things don't go as they planned when Dingi falls in love with Gen, his host. who is this Gen and why does he refuse the prince's advancements? will Dingi ever win Gen's love?

Chapter 01: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zxpg6p or http://community.livejournal.com/yshare/275881.html
Chapter 02: http://www.sendspace.com/file/hc5ciz or http://community.livejournal.com/manga_luve/255096.html
Chapter 03: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ghwvch

Have you thanked your scanlator today? Soully Passionate
25th-Aug-2007 07:17 am (UTC)
Hey, I'm a follower of from Soul.ly Passionate

please remove the download link from your lj.

this is a SOUL.ly PASSION.ate project and as stated in their rules {which apperantly you haven't read}

Can I place your releases for download on my site ?

NO. this is because:
- it takes alot of hard work, we do not wish for anyone else to take the credit for it.
- you are able to direct them to our forums.
please DO NOT host any of our releases anywhere, direct download or host links.

if you would link to share this with others, please direct them to our forum where we have download links available.

please remove all the links by our group on your lj and instead just link them to the forums.
you re-uploading this is a insult for all the hard work that we've done, especailly when you say that they can 'do whatever' they want with the links.

your unauthorized re-uploading only takes a few minutes, but creating good scalations takes weeks.

Please have a little respect.
23rd-Sep-2007 12:11 am (UTC)
Respect my ass.. you want WORSHIP!

You aarinwannabees can't stand the thought that someone might come to your forum and OMG DOWNLOAD WITHOUT kissing your ass. So you hold your scanlations hostage and force people to pretend to be interested in whatever inane crap is posted on your forum before they can get the scans.

I work for GOOD groups that make their hard work readily available wihout posting minimums.
26th-Aug-2007 09:34 am (UTC)
thats real low, SOUL.ly PASSION.ate don't even have a website, instead they have a fourm: http://soullypassionate.smfhost.com/index.php

you are not only posting the links without permission, but now you're directing people to a non-existent website.

if you really cared about distribution and giving to the yaoi fans and the 'have you thanked your scanlator today', you'd change it and post the real thing.
27th-Aug-2007 07:28 am (UTC) - Soully Passionate
27th-Aug-2007 01:01 pm (UTC)
Thankyou for sharing scanlation ^_~
21st-Sep-2007 05:50 pm (UTC)
21st-Sep-2007 06:58 pm (UTC)
Respect should be deserved,you still haven’t and by the rate your going banning ppl and bitching,your staff member is permitting one community to share your releases and banning than unbanning a mod of that community but your asking a other uploader no to?
get of your lazy asses if your to lazy to make a web page at least create your groups lj.

22nd-Sep-2007 05:51 pm (UTC) - vol 6 is out
New release love so go@ redjedi’s lj she is sharing vol 6 of La Esperanca and imagine what a rude girl i found there,i had to give her a spanking.
22nd-Sep-2007 11:43 pm (UTC) - Re: vol 6 is out
Thanks for letting me know about redjedi! :)
23rd-Sep-2007 08:52 am (UTC) - Re: vol 6 is out
welcome love i was just there again to smack a idiot.
LOL i managed to read 2 more ch's yesterday :P :)[mami was ZzZzZzing]
I adore reading it so much,thank you Whey
1st-Apr-2009 11:28 am (UTC)
thank you so much Whey-san
20th-May-2009 06:44 am (UTC)
THAAAAAANKS for uploading this!!! I've been looking everywhere for chapter 2+ T_T.
31st-May-2009 11:26 pm (UTC) - hinanomori
thx whey for the sharing
thx soully passionate for the scans
thx kirishima tamaki for the manga
thx everyeverybody who's been involved in this...
*hey i'm not makin' fun, just funny to see that not only in the hypercool i-love-u-all-goatrance scene people can get pretty bitchy lol*
well now, can i, me who hasn't done a wink but just wanna enjoy this story, ask 1 question? - anybody knows if there's a translation after chap3? there are versions around on shareservers, but only chn/jap...
thx in advance for the answer ^-^
27th-Jun-2009 08:52 pm (UTC) - Re: hinanomori
i dont know if anyone else has done the rest of the chapters or not but Attractive Fascinante has taken it up.. No idea when it would be up but it eventually will be posted by them.. Much respect for AF. cheers.
27th-Jun-2009 08:58 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for the uploads cause I cant seem to find their forum... In my opinion (which is completely my own and isn't meant to offend anyone) I do think it would be kind to the scanlators to abide by their rules as they work hard to release work but in this case I'm just happy to find the files. Has Soully Passionate disbanded or something?
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