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Anta baka?
You could be watching porn...
Not manga related... 
8th-Sep-2007 05:00 pm
but definitely related to "Teh Ghey". Is anyone (reading this) reading Matthew Haldeman-Time's "In This Land"? And if you're not, why not?!

I tried to be good and wait until this holiday season to subscribe (I wanted to use subscriptions as Xmas gifts, then I'd have friends to "squee" with), but I couldn't wait. Instead, I'm dedicating this weekend to immersing myself in the wonderfully addictive and elaborately seductive and rich world of Orina Anoris. MHT is a god. (Okay, he's just a man. With the writing abilities of a god.)

EDIT: I'm an idiot, and actually didn't even redeem the GC I bought for myself correctly, so if anyone else gets a little confused, just make sure you click on "Redeem" on the subscription page (i.e., 3 months gc should be redeemed here).
12th-Sep-2007 10:19 pm (UTC)
LOL...your recs just made me wanna read ITL^^

Do you have any recommendations which ones are good from Chris Owen and Vic Winter? I read some of Vic Winter (short stories) only. I really like On Fire series from Drew Zachary :) I'll check on Stephanie Vaughan's stories too.

I also love Jet Mykles' Heaven Sent series and some of Sean Michael's, Sharon Maria Bidwell's Angel series...

*laughs* because of my current addiction I'm behind on yaoi manga's new chapters *cries...need more time*..*runs to check your LibraryThing*
12th-Sep-2007 10:59 pm (UTC)
Check your yahoo account. Now you HAVE to read it. And fall in love with it. Or I'll cry. And my nose runs when I cry, so unless you want to get my runny snot all over you...

Oh geez, what isn't good by Chris Owen, that's easier to list than what's good. I'm pretty sure I've liked/loved everything by her, except maybe "Rough Draft". That was still well-written, but, I think I'm a little old-fashioned, and never can quite get into romances where the "heroes" have multiple partners. Which is weird, because there ARE multiple partners in ITL, and it's probably the what I like least about ITL, but that's the only thing I don't love about ITL, and even then, it's handled in such a way that it doesn't bother me that much (and dammit, I'm babbling).

Love the "On Fire" series. I think I even liked the second one better than the first. I can't recommend Stephanie Vaughan's Off World series enough. Vic Winter isn't as prolific as the other authors (yet), so not as much to choose from, but my favorite by her was her Torquere Single Shot "Snow Bunny".

Jet Mykles' Heaven Sent... dammit, dammit, dammit. (Which means, GOOD, GOOD, GOOD in so many ways I can't even find the words to describe it's goodness... except for... good. Great. Yum.)

Sean Michael, always a good bet for a read. Think my favorite by him is "Caged". Also absolutely loved Bidwell's "Snow Angel". The sequel, "Angel Heart", didn't quite connect with me, but I do remember enjoying "Uly's Comet", even though it had multiple partners... and m/f. XD

Yes, I'm reading very little manga (except for what I've bought recently in print) these days. But, I've always been more of a "book" reader, and with all the amazing authors writing in the m/m genre these days... joy!
13th-Sep-2007 02:18 am (UTC)
*laughs* I think I'll subscribe ITL, you and elisa convince me ^^. Hope the subcription will not take a long time to process. And where I can find the Off World series (publishers)? God.. I think I burn my credit card to the max *cries*

I'm also a little old-fashioned like you, still can get into stories where the heroes has a multiple partners.

Yeah 'Uly's Comet' has m/f relationship *grins*
Do you read stories from Carol Lynne, 'Good-time boys' series? I can not wait for the sequel. I saw your library list...man.. that was a lot. Do you collect most of it in the form of e-books?

Am I rambling now...think so.. can't stop.
Ugh..i think I've to change my email address to gmail (winterblues@gmail.com) I'm having hard time to search my mail cuz I don't clean up the incoming mail regularly *blushes*

13th-Sep-2007 03:25 am (UTC)
Off World is published by Torquere Press. They just released "Men in Uniform II" today, which features a story from the Off World series. So, I hopped over to Torquere to buy it. Unfortunately, I can't remember what email I originally registered with (it was a couple of years ago), or my account has been purged. I was going to re-register, but they're asking more information than I'm comfortable with giving (why do they need my birthdate to make a purchase??!), so I'm going to have to wait until Torquere releases on http://www.fictionwise.com to buy it.

I bought "Coach" by Carol Lynne, but it didn't quite connect with me so I haven't bought her Good-time Boys series yet. Or is "Coach" part of that series. I don't remember. XD

Probably 95% of my library is ebooks. I tag them all, so whatever doesn't have "ebook" in the tags (or conversely has "print" in the tags) is a print copy I have (or if it has "wishlist" I want).

And you better subscribe to ITL... or I'll... I'll... I'll do absolutely nothing, lol. XD

13th-Sep-2007 04:10 am (UTC)
oh..thank you, I'll order from Torquere Books later. I think they re-do the old website and purge all accounts. I just re-register three days ago.

Good-time Boys series is not related to 'Coach' series ^^
and finally I just completed my subscription of ITL *smiles*

I think I'll browse your library again,good think you have it rated and brief description which helps me a lot...XD
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