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Owaranai Kuni by Mihara Youko

Owaranai Kuni by Mihara Youko Description from Baka-Updates: A prince who lost in the war. He lost his castle & even his "body" to enemy. The prince's childhood friend (Sid) managed to save him from the enemy. Since young the prince has feelings on Sid, but didn't have the chance to tell Sid. After the rescue, the prince has lost confidence & do not want to eat or drink...One day, Sid forced his mouth on the prince in order to make the prince to drink. The prince was shocked...Next step, what will Sid do? Will the prince able to resist Sid's actions? More in this manga...pls read it...

Oneshot: http://www.sendspace.com/file/mrmkou

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Tags: -creator: mihara youko, [fushichou], owaranai kuni
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